Disease in populations in transition : anthropological and epidemiological perspectives /

Other Authors: Swedlund, Alan C., Armelagos, George J.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: New York : Bergin and Garvey, 1990
Table of Contents:
  • Genetics and change / Derek F. Roberts
  • Infectious disease and natural selection in human populations / Catharina Svanborg-Eden, Bruce R. Levin
  • Detection of selective differences in populations / John A. Barrett
  • Infectious disease and evolution of human populations / Francis L. Black
  • Diabetes in Amerindian populations / Emo╠łke J.E. Szathmary
  • Transitional diabetes and gallstones in Amerindian peoples / Kenneth M. Weiss
  • Health and disease in prehistoric populations in transition / George J. Armelagos
  • Old and new transitions and nutrition in Mexico / Luis A. Vargas
  • Infant mortality in Massachusetts and the United States in the nineteenth century /Alan C. Swedlund
  • Historical epidemiology of smallpox in Kitee, Finland / L.B. Jorde ... [et al.]
  • Parasitic load in South American tribal populations / Francisco M. Salzano
  • Mortality and morbidity consequences of variation in early child growth / Jere D. Haas
  • Cultural evolution, parental care, and mortality / Henry C. Harpending, Patricia Draper, Renee Pennington
  • Assessing the impact of environmental change, with special reference to the role of urinary hormones / G.A. Harrison, D.A. Jenner
  • Social support and mortality in post-transition populations / Stephen J. Kunitz
  • Ecology of Kuru / Shirley Lindenbaum
  • Changing patterns of disease in India with special reference to childhood mortality / Kailash C. Malhotra
  • Agricultural resources, community development, and early childhood mortality in Bangladesh / Barry Edmonston
  • Education of women and the mortality of children in Bangladesh / Shirley Lindenbaum.