The genus Yersinia from genomics to function /

Other Authors: International Symposium on Yersinia, Perry, Robert Donald., Fetherston, Jacqueline D.
Format: eBook
Language: English
Published: New York : Springer, 2007
Series: Advances in experimental medicine and biology ; v. 603.
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Table of Contents:
  • Comparative genome analyses of the pathogenic Yersiniae based on the genome sequence of Yersinia enterocolitica strain 8081 / N.R. Thomson ... [et al.]
  • Pestoides F, an atypical Yersinia pestis strain from the former Soviet Union / E. Garcia ... [et al.]
  • Variability of the protein sequences of lcrV between epidemic and atypical rhamnose-positive strains of Yersinia pestis / A.P. Anisimov ... [et al.]
  • A new asset for pathogen informatics - the Enteropathogen Resource Integration Center (ERIC), an NIAID bioinformatics resource center for biodefense and emerging/re-emerging infectious disease / J.M. Greene ... [et al.]
  • My life with Yersinia / M. Skurnik
  • Structure and assembly of Yersinia pestis F1 antigen / S.D. Knight
  • Relationship of the lipopolysaccharide structure of Yersinia pestis to resistance to antimicrobial factors / Y.A. Knirel ... [et al.]
  • Characterization of six novel chaperone/usher systems in Yersinia pestis / S. Felek ... [et al.]
  • Polyamines in bacteria : Pleiotropic effects yet specific mechanisms / B.W. Wortham ... [et al.]
  • Intermediary metabolism, Na+, the low calcium-response, and acute disease / R.R. Brubaker
  • Differential gene regulation in Yersinia pestis versus Yersinia pseudotuberculosis : Effects of hypoxia and potential role of a plasmid regulator / G. Bai ... [et al.]
  • Two-component system regulon plasticity in bacteria : A concept emerging from phenotypic analysis of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis response regulator mutants / C. Flamez ... [et al.]
  • Regulatory elements implicated in the environmental control of invasin expression in enteropathogenic Yersinia / A.K. Heroven ... [et al.]
  • Regulation of the phage-shock-protein stress response in Yersinia enterocolitica / A.J. Darwin
  • Functional quorum sensing systems affect biofilm formation and protein expression in Yersinia pestis / A.G. Bobrov ... [et al.]
  • Analysis of Yersinia pestis gene expression in the flea vector / V. Vadyvaloo ... [et al.]
  • Regulation of biofilm formation in Yersinia pestis / A.G. Bobrov ... [et al.]
  • Environmental stimuli affecting expression of the Ysa type three secretion locus / S. Mildiner-Earley ... [et al.]
  • Polynucleotide phosphorylase and the T3SS / J.A. Rosenzweig ... [et al.]
  • Roles of YopN, LcrG and LcrV in controlling Yops secretion by Yersinia pestis / M.A. Hamad ... [et al.]
  • Identification of TyeA residues required to interact with YopN and to regulate Yop secretion / S.S. Joseph ... [et al.]
  • The insect toxin complex of Yersinia / N. Waterfield ... [et al.]
  • Twin arginine translocation in Yersinia / M. Lavander ... [et al.]
  • Using every trick in the book: The Pla surface protease of Yersinia pestis / M. Suomalainen ... [et al.]
  • Invasion and dissemination of Yersinia enterocolitica in the mouse infection model / K. Trülzsch ... [et al.]
  • The Ysa type 3 secretion system of Yersinia enterocolitica biovar 1B / G.M. Young
  • A rationale for repression and/or loss of motility by pathogenic Yersinia in the mammalian host / S.A. Minnich ... [et al.]
  • Disparity between Yersinia pestis and Yersinia enterocolitica O:8 in YopJ/YopP-dependent functions / A. Zauberman ... [et al.]
  • 3 IS-RFLP : A powerful tool for geographical clustering of global isolates of Yersinia pestis / A.J.L. Leclercq ... [et al.]
  • Analysis of the three Yersinia pestis CRISPR loci provides new tools for phylogenetic studies and possibly for the investigation of ancient DNA / G. Vergnaud ... [et al.]
  • Enrichment of Yersinia pestis from blood cultures enables rapid antimicrobial susceptibility determination by flow cytometry / I. Steinberger-Levy ... [et al.]
  • Development and evaluation of a single tube nested PCR based approach (STNPCR) for the diagnosis of plague / G. Souza ... [et al.]
  • Therapeutic potential of Yersinia anti-inflammatory components / B. Foligné ... [et al.]
  • High throughput screening for small-molecule inhibitors of type III secretion in Yersinia pestis / N. Pan ... [et al.]
  • Cell-mediated defense against Yersinia pestis infection / S.T. Smiley
  • Oral vaccination with different antigens from Yersinia pestis KIM delivered by live attenuated Salmonella typhimurium elicits a protective immune response against plague / C.G. Branger ... [et al.]
  • Yersinia pestis YadC: A novel vaccine candidate against plague / B.S. Murphy ... [et al.]
  • Protective immunity against plague / C. Cornelius ... [et al.].