Goodman & Gilman's The pharmacological basis of therapeutics.

Other Authors: Goodman, Louis Sanford, 1906-, Brunton, Laurence L., Chabner, Bruce., Knollmann, Björn C.
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Language: English
Published: New York : McGraw-Hill Medical, 2011
Edition: 12th ed. /
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Table of Contents:
  • Drug invention and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmacokinetics: the dynamics of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination
  • Pharmacodynamics: molecular mechanisms of drug action
  • Drug toxicity and poisoning
  • Membrane transporters and drug response
  • Drug metabolism
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Neurotransmission: the autonomic and somatic motor nervous systems
  • Muscarinic receptor agonists and antagonists
  • Anticholinesterase agents
  • Agents acting at the neuromuscular junction and autonomic ganglia
  • Adrenergic agonists and antagonists
  • 5-Hydroxytrptamine (serotonin) and dopamine
  • Neurotransmission and the central nervous system
  • Drug therapy of depression and anxiety disorders
  • Pharmacotherapy of psychosis and mania
  • Hyponotics and sedatives
  • Opioids, analgesia, and pain management
  • General anesthetics and therapeutic gases
  • Local anesthetics
  • Pharmacotherapy of the epilepsies
  • Treatment of central nervous system degenerative
  • Ethanol and methanol
  • Drug addiction
  • Regulation of renal function and vascular volume
  • Renin and angiotensin
  • Treatment of myocardial ischemia and hypertension
  • Pharmacotherapy of congestive heart failure
  • Anti-arrhythmic drugs
  • Blood coagulation and anticoagulant, fibrinolytic, and antiplatelet drugs
  • Drug therapy for hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia
  • Histamine, bradykinin, and their antagonists
  • Lipid-derived autocoids: eicosanoids and platelet-activating factor
  • Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic agents; pharmacotherapy of gout
  • Immunosuppressants, tolerogens, and immunostimulants
  • Pulmonary pharmacology
  • Hematopoietic agents: growth factors, minerals, and vitamins
  • Introduction to endocrinology: the hypothalamic-pituitary axis
  • Thyroid and anti-thyroid drugs
  • Estrogens and progestins
  • Androgens
  • ACTH, adrenal steroids, and pharmacology of the adrenal cortex
  • Endocrine pancreas and pharmacotherapy of diabetes mellitus and hypoglycemia
  • Agents affecting mineral ion homeostasis and bone turnover
  • Pharmacotherapy of gastric acidity, peptic ulcers, and gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Treatment of disorders of bowel motility and water flux; anti-emetics; agents used in biliary and pancreatic disease
  • Pharmacotherapy of inflammatory bowel disease
  • General principles of antimicrobial therapy
  • Chemotherapy of malaria
  • Chemotherapy of protozoal infections: amebiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasis, trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis, and other protozoal infections
  • Chemotherapy of helminth infections
  • Sulfonamides, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, quinolones, and agents for urinary tract infections
  • Penicillins, cephalosporins, and other ss-lactam antibiotics
  • Aminoglycosides
  • Protein synthesis inhibitors and miscellaneous antibacterial agents
  • Chemotherapy of tuberculosis, mycobacterium avium complex disease, and leprosy
  • Antifungal agents
  • Antiviral agents (nonretroviral)
  • Antiretroviral agents and treatment of HIV infection
  • General principles of cancer chemotherapy
  • Cytotoxic agents
  • Targeted therapies: tyrosine kinase inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, and cytokines
  • Natural products in cancer chemotherapy: hormones and related agents
  • Ocular pharmacology
  • Dermatological pharmacology
  • Contraception and pharmacotherapy of obsterical and gynecological disorders
  • Environmental toxicology; carcinogens and heavy metals
  • Appendix I: Principles of prescription order writing and patient compliance
  • Appendix II: Design and optimization of dosage regimens: pharmacokinetic data.